Titles are hard



I am adorbs

Also I may not be entirely in charge of my own blog right now

I am adorbs

but if Scotland is independent the the old lady's head will be independent from the rest of the old lady and the pig. Did you even think about the old lady riding the pig?

^better argument than anything #bettertogether have come up with.

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in other news I feel like I am the last person with genuinely positive feelings about Mr. Dawkins

probably because around eleventh grade everyone I knew collectively became atheists and started becoming really big fans of Richard Dawkins and doing projects for theology class about how gay marriage should be legal FUCK HOMOPHOBIA LOVE IS LOVE

and this meant that I was no longer in paralyzing fear of being found out as bisexual and bullied and could begin sticking my toe out of the closet

(this was, incidentally, about the time I became an atheist as well, right on schedule)

and also because… I feel like I recognize the sort of incredibly contrarian, “who cares about people’s lives there is an ABSTRACT PRINCIPLE HERE” sort of logic, this is also the way I do things, I am less of an asshole about it and try to only be obsessed with abstract principles in private with other consenting adults &c

but I don’t find that a hateable trait, it is too familiar

no worries if you do, I don’t dislike people who find this a hateable trait as long as they tolerate my obnoxious contrarian/THERE IS AN ABSTRACT PRINCIPLE HERE ways

anyway whenever I find out about his latest shit I’m just like a fond “oh you" which is probably the best possible reaction to one’s Fave being chronically Problematic



what’s up with girls that feel the need to destroy the “weak fragile ego of a man” to feel empowered. how insecure do you have to be for the only way to feel confident is by ruining the confidence of others. how bitter are you if you can only feel special by hurting others.

I think many of those girls want revenge because men were mean to them.
That does not make it OK. Hurting for people for fun is awful.



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Some people still think Beauxbatons was for girls and Durmstrang was for boys.




gee i wonder why

I really hated this about the fourth movie. Of course the scary Central Europeans/Germans/Russians (hell if I know; Durmstrang seems to take people from all those areas, and its name is an anagram of a German term, Sturm und Drang) were big tough guys, and the Beauxbatons girls were flitty airy-fairy belles accompanied by butterflies. It ties into common stereotypes about these cultures.

So along with the sexism and binarism, there’s more than a bit of creepy homophobia, which makes the sexism even worse. What’s a common stereotype of French men? That they’re bad at fighting and other “manly” arts, effeminate, weak, and probably dirty queers. And what’s a common stereotype of Germanic and Slavic men? That they’re burly, hard-drinking, hypermasculine “real men.”

Gross. And also very much like Nazi propaganda about the ideal German for a series that is, in many ways, a critique of that very philosophy. I’m sure this was at least mostly unintentional on the parts of everyone who thought making Durmstrang and Beauxbatons a boys’ and a girls’ school, respectively, but it just proves how deeply engrained these ideas are in our minds.


we may not agree with each other’s Sorting Hat headcanons

we may not agree on character interpretations

but we all know which British newspaper Vernon Dursley reads


the idea that “they were on the honor roll” is like, a make it or break it factor in Was It A Bad Idea To Kill Them is actually fucking terrifying 


people talking about how the ice bucket challenge wastes water when “”“children in africa”“”” don’t have enough water

abstaining from doing or watching the ice bucket challenge is not going to make any difference to that problem you actual five year olds

also the ONLY person i’ve seen post about that who wasn’t a middle class western white person was an indian girl with a house full of servants.

lbh, it’s not about ~children in africa~ it’s about u feeling better than everyone else.